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Antioxidant Botanical Facial Serum

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A lightweight organic hemp based facial serum designed to regenerate the skin at a deep cellular level, leaving your skin brighter, hydrated, firmer and better protected from environmental damage. Think of it as your daily multi-vitamin for the skin.

Supercharged with hydrators, antioxidants, vitamins and superfood extracts. Organic Hemp skincare, Made in Australia from Natural, cruelty-free & Vegan friendly ingredients! No nasties, No worries mate!

Use every morning and night after cleansing.

  1. Give it a good shake
  2. Pump 2 times into the palm of your hand
  3. Apply to a clean face and neck
  4. Allow to dry and follow with a moisturiser

Store away from heat (<21'C) & direct sunlight, direct exposure causes UV damage and a fluctuation in temperature which reduces the products potency and shelf-life.